…Till Then #StaySafe

Dear travelers keep dreaming of the next time you will be able to enjoy the wonders of Greece.

Keep dreaming of all that Greece has to offer, even as the world battles the spread of COVID-19.

Diving into azure waters off a pristine beach bathed in Cycladic sunshine; wandering through winding alleys in a picturesque Greek village: for millions across the globe these experiences are something eagerly anticipating. Now with day-to-day life upended to avoid the spread of the coronavirus, they seem farther away than ever.

But this too shall pass, and Greece will be here ready to welcome all when it does.

“In these times humanity is called on to rise to a major challenge, and messages of hope and optimism needed more than ever. Greek tourism, completely connected as it is with the feeling of freedom, immediacy and escape from daily life, is sending its own message of waiting for tomorrow, urging above all the public to #StaySafe,”

Waiting for better days - free from the coronavirus - see the best beaches of the Greek Islands:

Source: Information and images from greece-is.com / greeka.com / discovergreece.com

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